Friday, May 30, 2008

School is Out!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school for my son. I'm proud to say that he has passed into the 4th grade. This year has been so hectic and he has had so many set backs that I wasn't sure that it was going to happen, but it did. Yay!!! He's seeing a new doctor next week, so I can only hope that things will improve.

I've been going through some of my old photos and layouts and have decided to update some of them. I completed this one last week, but have only just gotten around to posting it here.

That Hat

All paper and elements are from the Digi Chick Mega Kit Homeroom except metal stars which are from Weeds and Wildflowers. Font used is Lorraine by Darcy Baldwin.

Love these pictures of my nephew. My mom brought him this hat and he just loves it. He is so cute!


Here is my second set into my Alpha Name Series. Abram is available at the store today.

You all have a great weekend. My brother graduates tomorrow so let's see what all I can scrap.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I can't believe that it has been a week since my last post. I have no idea where the time went. I hope you all enjoyed your memorial day holiday. We didn't do much at our house. It was a pretty day, but my husband had to work so it was basically me and the kids. I took them to the park and we went over to my mother's house. We did cook dinner last night and all had a nice meal together.

You may have noticed that I changed my banner on this blog. It's only a temporary thing. I'm still trying to find that perfect look. I did want to let you guys know that I have some new products in the store.




I've been trying to keep myself as busy as possible, that way I can keep a steady stream of new products in the store. Pictured above is my new mini kit and full size kit. Also you see the first in a series of alphas. I've started a name series to keep up with my own personal alpha demands. I'll be going through each letter of the alphabet. I started with A for Ashley and Abram. Ashley is currently in the store and Abram should be there soon.

Also, I've finally decided to have another CT call. I am currently looking for 4 new members to my CT to complete new layouts for my new kits and I am also looking for someone to make blinkies and blog banners. Of course I could do the blinkies myself, but quite frankly, I don't think I'm that good at it. I'd love to have someone on board who could do them for me in exchange for access to all of my kits and products.

CT Call

If you are interested in becoming a member of my CT just email me at and give me a brief statement telling me why you would like to be on my CT, a link to your most completed gallery and your personal blog is also needed. Also please tell me about the other CT you are currently serving on or have in the past. I can't wait to hear from you guys. The deadline for entries is June 20th.

Also I have a freebie for you guys. It's been a whole week since the last one and I do believe that it's time for another one. This weeks freebie is a mini kit. Enjoy!


Sorry, this freebie is no longer available.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Freebie For You

Nothing much going on today. I hope you guys had a great weekend. I can say that mine was okay. I did a little photography this weekend. It's not something that I usually do. Sure, I take pictures of my children all the time, but not in a session or anything. I just grab the camera and go at it. But my brother needed some pictures in his cap and gown. He's graduating next week. Well, he didn't want the pictures, my mom wanted them. I've taken some pretty good pictures of my son (I call them studio quality) and she wanted me to take some of my brother. I don't have an SLR so it's a little more difficult getting a great photo. I want one one day, but this is not something that I intend to do professionally. I frankly don't have the time. If I would have known back in college that I enjoyed this so much I might have taken it up, but no. I don't know why I didn't experiment. My sister was majoring in photography at one point and she had all the equipment. I never once picked up the camera and asked her to show me. She lives too far away to teach me now.

Anyway, so I took my brother to one of the local parks and took his photo. I didn't take that many cap and gown photos because I knew he wouldn't give them out if we had them printed, but I took a lot of casual photos of him. They turned out pretty good. I took the photos outside because I knew the light would be good. I'm not dependable with inside photos. I may post some of them on a later date. I'm still working on some editing.

I spent some time working on the computer as well. I have some new products in the store due for release soon. I'll post it when they are available. But I also have a freebie for you guys.


Sorry, this freebie has expired.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Items RETIRING in Store

You may have noticed that my style of design has changed a bit since I started selling at the store. Well, with the name change it seemed appropriate to retire some of my older designs. So starting today some of my kits and elements are on sale for 50% Off. This sale will only be lasting until the end of this month and then they are gone. So if you thought about purchasing some of these products, but wanted to wait, now would be a good time to grab them. They are half price. I know that when I see those words I go on a spending free. Nothing wrong with just checking it out.

You can find my store here.

Challenge at ScrapMatters

Hi, all. Just wanted you guys to know that I'm hosting a template challenge over at ScrapMatters.

You can click on the image and it will take you right on over to the blog entry for the store. Brackets are so in right now that I wanted to complete a bracket template. Also I'm so used to doing the Words for Wednesday at ScrapMatters that I thought it was appropriate to do a journaling challenge as well. There will be two winners for this challenge, my personal favorite and one chosen at random. The winners will receive either a $5 gift certificate to the ScrapMatters store or one of my kits (this will be the winner's choice) if you're interested why don't you head on over to the ScrapMatter's Blog.

Oh, yeah. Also ScrapMatter's is hosting a Speed Scrap Challenge tonight. We had one for NSD and it went so well that it's going to be a regular thing now. Basically, you meet up at the forum at the same time, and instructions are given every few minutes for an hour. Then you are given another hour to finish your layout. And then a winner is chosen. Very quick isn't it. To learn more about the challenge and to find out what time to be there for your time zone head on over the the ScrapMatters' team blog. You can click on the challenge image above or the link at the right of my blog.
You might also want to grab a blinkie. I finally made a new one for the name change.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Weekend

Hi, all. I hope all those mothers out there had them a GREAT Mother's Day. I can say that mine was pretty good. The children and my husband surprised me with a weekend trip to the beach. We stayed that this nice little condo right across the street from the sand and water. I'm not really much of a beach person, to tell you the truth I absolutely hate the sand. It just gets everywhere. But the children loved it and it was worth all the hassle. So while I was sitting around I got a little work done and even completed a couple of layouts.

beautiful dreamer

The background is from my Tender Moments Mini Kit, Glizty Overlay by Britt-ish Designs, Swirls by Ellie Lash. Ashley Alpha by Digi Keepsakes coming soon.

First Day 3rd Grade

Everything from my Being Bold Kit, except bracket from For Keeps Sake kit.

It's been a long time since I've actually completed a layout using my own kits. I've been doing so much shopping and I've wanted to make sure that I've used what I've bought. But I just love this Being Bold kit, it's available in the store now.


I've been having a hard time coming up with inspiration for new things, but it's like it's just flowing freely now. I hope that this keeps on going. I do have some new things that I need to download into the store, so keep a look out for that. Also I have plans to add some new members to my creative team. There has been some changes and some of the girls have had to step down, so I'm looking for some new talent. I'll make an annoucement once I'm ready to get it all together.

You all have a great week and I'll talk to you again soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Still Moving On

Things have been so crazy here. I've been doing my best trying to catch up at work after weeks of being out. My daughter is playint tee ball and I've been doing her games and her practices. My son is having some troubles at school and I'm working on getting his grades up. And then there are my doctor's appointments. But some where in between all of this I have found the time to work. I've found some inspiration as well. I'm doing very good. You'll see a few new products from me coming up in the store in the next couple of weeks.

But there is a new release in the store today. It's a mini kit and I've named it Tender Moments. It's one of those soft kits that are perfect for scrapping those tender hearted moments. Here's a look:


You'll notice some changes in my design style and I've improved the way I put my kits together. It's no longer so random. The most difficult part of a kit for me is the papers. I have so many ideas,but they don't always fit well. I'm getting better at that.

I've also completed a freebie for you guys. Click on the image to download.


Sorry, this freebie has expired.

Not all my freebies are going to correspond to the kits that I'm releasing. For the most part they will be completely different. They are like original mini kits for you guys to have. I hope you enjoy them.

I've even had the time to complete a few layouts. Here's a sample.


Background Papers and Ribbon from Adore Kit by Designs by KristaAlphas by Kim Hill Glitter Frame and Silver Words from Sweetness Kit by Ellie Lash along with Glitter SwirlsPaper Frame from Lil Brother Kit by Britt-ish Designs

Genuine Boy

Little Boy Blue kit by GG Digital Designs Frame and alphas by Kim Hill

Well, that's pretty much it for catching up. I'm looking forward to a pretty quite week, so you may hear back from me soon. Until then.

Friday, May 2, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day Weekend

With National Scrapbooking Day coming up, of coures ScrapMatters is having a sale and so much more. Let's see if I can remember anything. Okay first, let's start with the sale.

Not only does ScrapMatters have all these activities going on, just about everything in the store is 30% off. Isn't that great? If you buy $10 worth of scrapping goodies you get this great collab kit.

This kit is absolutely huge! Come on over and grab some of those goodies. Look at what this kit can do.

There are plenty of activities going on and of course prizes for the winners. Head on over and see what you can get. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New To Store!

I'm just about completly back into the groove of things. Yay! So today I have a few things to post about. I already posted the new alphas I have in the store the other day, but I also mentioned a new kit. You can grab it at ScrapMatters now. This kit I named For Keeps Sake. It's in honor of my new design name. I just thought it was the cutest thing when I thought of it and it just stuck. So here's a look.

The colors are fairly neutral for the most part. I wanted something that I could use for layouts for both my son and my daughter. But I did get a little carried away with the flowes, but it's still a good choice. To me anyway. The flowers are masculine enough, I think.
I also got a freebie for you guys today. I had actually made these papers to go along with a new kit before I got sick and had surgery. But now that I'm better, I can't remember where I was going with these papers so I decided to offer them as a freebie. I finished a couple of fibers as well and since they don't match what I'm working on now I'm going to give them out as well. I hope you enjoy them.


Sorry, this freebie has expired.

I have also completed a new mini kit, but I haven't had the time to have it all downloaded into the store yet, so keep an eye out for it. When I worked on this mini kit I was having those loving thoughts of my husband. He's been such a great help and I appreciate it all. Love that man. So this mini kit is named Tender Moments. The color scheme is very soft, so that means very feminine, at least parts of it. But I have to admit, it's totally cute.

Well, that's all for me . I'll keep in touch.

Queen of Scrap

So much is going on and I need to tell you all. ScrapMatters is geting ready for National Scrapbooking Day with a new contest. This year we will vote in our very own Queen of Scrap. It's a scrapping contest and not only do you get a fancy new title you get this awesome Renew Collaboration kit as well. Why don't you guys head on over to ScrapMatters and take a look.

Click on image and it will take you right into the forum that discusses the Queen of Scrap rules and requirements of participation.

Here's a peak at the kit that you could possibly win. Sorry all, but due to all the things going on with me, the surgery and all that, I wasn't able to participate in the collab kit, but keep checking back. A collab kit was also completed for National Scrapbooking Day and you'll find it in the store soon. I was able to add a little something to that one.