Friday, February 13, 2009

Twice As Nice Collab

Hi all. Looks like I'm back. For a minute anyway. These last couple of weeks have been hard with us being away helping to look after my mother-in-law, but she appears to be getting back on her feet so now I'm back home. I actually do have a lot I want to post, but unfortunately today will not be the day. I've just logged on today to do a quick posting for the new collab that I've completed with Wendy of WM [squared] Designs. ScrapMatters has actually released quite of few collabs today. They are called Twice As Nice. Cute, huh? So here is ours.


Here are a few layouts from the ScrapMatters CT. Just to show you want can be done with this kit.

By Monsu:


By Christy:


By Kim:


To make the collabs even better. They are on sale today!

Click on ad to go to the Twice As Nice Section of the ScrapMatters store.

Also, me being me, I decided to throw in a little add-on. And I do mean little. Just a few more solid papers just in case you need them to complete your layout.


I'll be away for the weekend so you may not hear from me again until sometime next week. But enjoy your Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blissfully Blue

It's so good to get back into the groove of things. Here it is Saturday and I am actually making a post. I am so proud of myself. I've actually got some work done and want to show it it off. I forgot to mention them last week, but I did release a couple more template sets. I'm quite proud of them.



But this week my new release is my Blissfully Blue Kit. I wanted to do a color themed kit and blue being my favorite couple it seemed like the right choice. I threw in another color because that's just the way I am. But my main focus was blue.


And again my Wonderful CT put together some great Quick Pages and I put a few of them up for sale in the store.


Oh, before I forget. Let's take a look at some of the wonderful layouts the CT has put together. You may recognize some of them from the templates above.

Layout by jendavey:

Layout by Erin McD:
Erin McD

Layout by inhisgrip:

Layout by chigirl:

Layout by scrappurple:

Layout by khakisack:

Layout by Tiger:

Layout by Amanda:

Layout by Michelle:

Layout by Angie:

Well, I guess that's all I can do for now. I have to take the children to another birthday party. Between last week and this week I'm just plain worn out. I kind of want to talk myself out of this one, but the kids enjoy them so much. Plus, the parents are kind of close friends of mine, so I guess that means I have to go. Right?

Anyway. My CT has complete enough QPs that I can give some away as a freebie as well. Please note that last week's freebie is no longer avaible. This freebie will only be available for a short while as well, so get it while you can.


You all have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally Back!!!

I know. I know. It's been such a long time since I last made a post to this blog. I have no excuses for you. It has all been my fault. Sad to say, I found myself in the middle of a deep funk. I just had no creative juices going and it was extremely difficult for me to get any designing or scrapping done. I think I'm finally out of it, but you never really know.

This week has been such a busy week for me. It was both my son's birthday (he turned 10) and my nephew's (he turned 3). We spent the entire week celebrating. Tevin had to go back to school this week after the break so we didn't actually get to celebrate on his big day, which was on Thursday. Also, whenever I got a chance I got some designing done. Finally. So I do have a new release in the store today, but that's thanks to my creative team. I'll have some new products in the store done by me next week. I'm so excited to finally be back in the grove of things.

Here is my Passing Notes kit. It was actually released a couple of weeks ago, but I never got a post done. Just being lazy. But I'm making a post today.


My Creative Team has come up with some wonderful layouts to share with you. Here are some of them.

Layout by Marieta:

Layout by Kelly:

Layout by winkasheart:

Layout by scrappurple:

Layout by Erin:

The new release this week is the Quick Pages to the Passing Notes kit. These quick pages were done by some of the fabulous members of my Creative Team. They have been working so hard, even in my absence. Such a wonderful group of ladies.


You may recognize these quick pages from the layouts the CT has completed. It has also been such a long time since I've released a freebie. Well, here is one for you thanks to my wonderful CT, again.

Sorry, this freebie is no longer available.

Friday, November 28, 2008


...the newest members of the Digi Keepsakes Team:

CT Flyer

I got a lot more replies than I expected for this CT call and it was extremely difficult to narrow down my choices. In the end I ended up with 16 new CT members. Thank you to all of you who had replied.

So today is a big day over at Scrap Matters. I have a grab bag on sale today. I'll have some new products to go into the store soon. The new ladies of my CT have completed some layouts. These layouts offer a slight peak into some of the items in the grab bag. Enjoy!

By Anne-Katrine:

By Kelly:

By Christine (inhisgrip)

By Khakisack:

By Erin McD:

By Jamie:

By Michelle:

By JenDavey:

By scrappurple:

There will be more layouts coming soon.

Sorry to keep this brief, but I've got some more shopping to do. I wanted to make sure that I got this posted before I forget. Check back soon for more.

Blog Train

Welcome to the 28th stop on ScrapMatters Black Friday Blog Train. You most likely got here via Fliffy's blog: . I'll get right to it and go ahead and give you your gift for making this stop on today, one of the biggest shopping days of the year in the US.


Click on image to get your download.

If you are continuing on this blog train your next stop is Melanie's blog. You can find her blog here:

All the items on the blog train are fun little hybrid projects. I decided on CD covers. I have a holiday photo cd that certain members of my family are receiving. Since I was making covers for them I thought it would be fun to make covers for the blog train as well. Enjoy!

Let's see. A little about the holiday traditions in my family. Actually, we're not really a tradition kind of family. Growing up we always spent the holidays at my grandmother's house. But as me and my sister got older we stopped doing that. It was sometime the highschool that we stopped doing it all together. We lost my grandmother this year and I miss that now. Actually now we have Thanksgiving Dinner at my house. It was very difficult the first year. I spent most of the morning going back and forth from the grocery store trying to get all the things I forgot. Now, I can get it all in one trip. My family is pretty surprised that I host it in the first place. Any other day of the year I moan and complain about cooking and then my husband ends up doing it. But for this one day I'll spend the entire day in the kitchen cooking, no complaints.

Christmas is different. No cooking for me that day. We either go to my mom's or my inlaws. But for Christmas there is a small tradition that my sister and I shared that I now share with my children. My sister and I got out of that wait until you wake up on Christmas morning to open your presents situation. I think I was ten the first time I asked my mom if we're awake at midnight can we open our presents. Her answer was yes so me and my sister stayed up. Opened our presents at midnight, spent maybe and hour playing and then going to sleep. I let my children do this for the first time last year. I didn't think they would be able to stay away, but they could and they did. We'll continue with it this year.


Quite a few of the designers are offering a grab bag this weekend. I'm no different, but I'm not calling mine a grab bag. It's simply a Grabber. Only $3.00. Included in this grabber is 5 brand new products!


Well, as some of you can guess I'm off shopping for those great deals. When I get in this afternoon I have another entry for you. I need to introduce you to my Brand New Keepsake CT. I also want to show you what they can do.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Checking In

Another crazy week. I forgot to mention last week that my sister has moved back to town. She got here on Thursday night. So no more big city for her. She's back to being a hometown girl. My brother also moved down to Orlando this week to go to college. So I lost one sibling and got the other one back.

So, my sister brought with her, her two sons, my nephews, James and Kevin. Kevin is just three months old. Such a cutie. It's weird now having all these children around. I'm so used to it just being my two little ones, now there are two more. I spent most of this week getting ready for my sister and also helping her get settled in, so I had no freebie completed for this week. Sorry! I'll make up for it though. My Template CT call is also underway. I've gotten so many responses that I don't know what to do. I'm contemplating ending my call early. I don't know. I'll have to see what the responses are in the next few days. I want to give everyone a chance to apply, but I hate having to turn so many away. I'm looking for no more than 12, but I've got a feeling that my CT may be bigger than that. We'll see. I'm currently working on my contracts. Some of you may start getting a response from me soon. But in the end, everyone will get a response from me one way or another.

Since my sister is in town, I'm going to teach her digi scrapbooking. You may even start to see her layouts floating around. Imagine. Two of us.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Template CT Call

I've finally completed my flyer for my Template CT Call.

ct call

Basically, if you're chosen for my Template CT you'll need to use my Keepsake Templates to make your layouts. I also want the templates used to make quick pages. These quick pages will either be placed in the store or given out as freebies. You're free to make your own layouts as well with any of my kits. My entire store will be free to you for personal use. It's a little different with my templates. If you're chosen to be on this CT you'll have access to all my templates for free and yes, they are still free for commercial use. I figured that's the least I could do. As long as you keep your CT committments, you can use the templates to make layouts and QPs for others. Does that sound good? If it does send me a little email. I'll be choosing 8 to 12 new members for this Template CT.