Monday, November 17, 2008

Checking In

Another crazy week. I forgot to mention last week that my sister has moved back to town. She got here on Thursday night. So no more big city for her. She's back to being a hometown girl. My brother also moved down to Orlando this week to go to college. So I lost one sibling and got the other one back.

So, my sister brought with her, her two sons, my nephews, James and Kevin. Kevin is just three months old. Such a cutie. It's weird now having all these children around. I'm so used to it just being my two little ones, now there are two more. I spent most of this week getting ready for my sister and also helping her get settled in, so I had no freebie completed for this week. Sorry! I'll make up for it though. My Template CT call is also underway. I've gotten so many responses that I don't know what to do. I'm contemplating ending my call early. I don't know. I'll have to see what the responses are in the next few days. I want to give everyone a chance to apply, but I hate having to turn so many away. I'm looking for no more than 12, but I've got a feeling that my CT may be bigger than that. We'll see. I'm currently working on my contracts. Some of you may start getting a response from me soon. But in the end, everyone will get a response from me one way or another.

Since my sister is in town, I'm going to teach her digi scrapbooking. You may even start to see her layouts floating around. Imagine. Two of us.

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